Thawra Nesa’eya

flesh veiled the
The penis curfew liberation
Starving to Bukowski (death)
And Lincoln quoted with Stella lips;
“We need a Women’s revolution of women by women of women;
it’s the one thing we haven’t tried yet”
To which everyone nodded while falling into reticence

flesh veiled the
It beats the stare-down
Those that bred and fed and raised and wept with drainpipe expectations as we sang our songs of innocent and Marx
Souls in our hands
Daggers perched ready to leap from our
Foetal-position contemplations of
Sexuality and Truth

flesh veiled the


Midnight comes

They pace

They pray 

we will go home to our sensibilities

Will we climb as they pace?
Or will we forge the constitution

With our dreams and our hips,

as carnivores do their meat?

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