Hala Nasr, co-founder and poet.


Good poetry can travel borders, language and experience, yet share a profound capacity for truth with all it encounters. The dark ugly of multiplicity, the chaos of reality. That is what I love about writing poetry.  It breaks up the linearity of academia // I’m currently pursuing an MA in Gender and Development. I don’t dig tired metaphors, fetishised imagery, rhyming couplets. That kind of circular romanticisation comes all too easy in the diaspora. Circles are boring. Good poetry is about carving asymmetric truths, and doing so unapologetically.

Talal Alyan, co-founder and writer.


 Talal is a Brooklyn based writer. 

Nour Salman, co-founder and writer.


Being able to connect with the words of an author or work of an artist, whereby one is taken on a journey of past, present and future is what always captivated me within the realm of literature, poetry and the arts. Writing and performing goes beyond any fetishised emblems predicated by surroundings or societies. I write because what better way to renovate these emblematic circles that apparently define/restrict? For me, writing empowers the spirit and without a doubt breaks up the daily grind of the professional world of Communication and Media Studies Research.

Yasir Tineh, cofounder and writer.


Most of the time I am lost in my own thoughts, writing is my way of asking for directions. Mapping out definitions and context to my surroundings through poetry near and distant. I am not looking for a way out of my maze, but for all possible routes into yours. Sculpting my own diaspora and anarchy with borrowed poems and new ones.

Images credit: Mitchell Williams-Wright

Design Team

Sunil Williams, web designer, based in Aotearoa NZ. 
Mitchell Williams-Wright, house artist, based in Aotearoa NZ. 
Reem Nabhani, logo designer, based in Aotearoa NZ.