Take Me Back

Take me back
to concrete crumbled
into enduring dust.
What concrete’s left
is hanging on wires,
infested with rust,
as red as blood.

Take me back
where life began:
the time I died,
I could see I was born
within a dream;
but I saw God,
and heard him sing.

Take me back
so oozing honey
and seeping sap
spills from youthful
life hung from wires,
infested with rust,
as red as blood.

Don’t take me back
where I check my mark—
every spot darkened
as black as my heart
from all the hurt.
What’s worse is brown
Catholics’ marks’re farts.

Take me way back
to the stories of stars,
far above my raised head,
like my mind from the floor.

May I live in the storm,
may I die when I’m born.
Please, take me back
where I left the dead
to die like sinned boars,
instead of adorned starlight,
forever bled and reborn.


Image Credit: Old Man From My Homeland by Delawer Omar.

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