Qandeel’s Song

Raheem Yaar Khan

This poem is a  response to the recent murder of Qandeel Baloch that took place in Pakistan.

Seize the divan, dear brothers, my bandits. Under
a beaten sky what is left now shall not concede.

Chasing the once benignant is feral, a thwack of vixen
known to risk a satin’s cascade spattered like red lights.

I am trying to sweeten the rhubarb
but it is too much a chamber of sheer howls.

See, death can put no end to what is galvanized:
in the plushy strut of a stiletto, seamless as thigh,

casting aside life’s infirmity. One sting after another
lapping against these shores of a starlet. The power is planetary,

a celebration stretched vast and fuming. Does that stun you?
Wait, still more shall come, to cinch the trickle of torn songs

of those eyed like rigid buttons, steeped hot in dreams,
of those loving, luring blood as one might lick blade.

Image Credit: Raheem Yaar Khan

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