A Precipitous Incident of the Fluttering Heart

Arturs Akopjans



Night-time you’d come a-tapping on my window

Perchance I’d sewn your gilded-hued shadow

stitch by stitch, needled with love


Kan Ya Makan,

Scrawling through our sweat, tasting our sweet cherubic blood

Sent my thimbled-heart a-floating

Enraptured by the sandstorm in your eyes

stitch by stitch, your shadow was mine


Kan Ya Makan,

Our rosey sun had yet blossomed, our lashes grew entwined

Honey drips from your mouth: Why do we do things to forget our love?

While I was riding beatific clouds skimming your toasted skin

stitch by stitch, Shadow waits for my khurrafiyya-dusted slumber to end


Crystallized in the dark matter of my mind

Falah, nurtured the apprehensive achings of my days

Blew lustrous lunacy in my ears, harmonious betwixt lips

Reaped and sowed till my heart swelled with other-ache

Tiyyah, you became

I no longer heard the fascination of desire

Where was your voice headed?

A precipitous incident of the fluttering heart

A song of ever-wandering boys came to my ears

Shadow sung, “Oh ye who are faithful, love nothing but the One, in the love of His calming arms.”


Kan Ya Makan,

In the presence of your absence and my disillusioned disappointment

How I will remove the coils of your worn-olive face I’ve sewn deep into my palms

How do I explain to Shadow why you’ve also left him behind?

Image Credit: Arturs Akopjans

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