Love’s Scenery

I see love in everything
from turned qahwa cups
with trails of fortunes
that god only knows
and the beating of
broken hearts
trying to mend themselves
through forgiveness.

in moments of silence
for those who let go of
those who let go of us
and the intricate lines
surrounding my mother’s eyes.

in handing a glass of water
to quench a thirst
and a longing to return home
wherever home may be,
in a lover’s arms,
in a lover’s goodbye.
when an ocean touches the shoreline
and whispers tales
of a distant affair.

in sad eyes that want
the world to acknowledge
their presence
but blink and their moment is gone.
just like sun rays shower
your skin in holiness
and a prayer.

in those courageous enough
to speak of their pain
when backs bent over
trying for a better life.
when my father asks if i’m ok,
bringing in the calm after the storm.
in the wisdom of silence
and the uproar of the restless.

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