Black Ash

Your nickname
lends itself to ambiguity.

and depending on the angle of the sun
you are either a Canaanite goddess

Or the colorless residue of cigarettes
gauchely plummeting from fingers
— more bone than flesh.

Eager to abandon the comfort
of blankets;

for a game of dares
with your shadow
only to take turns to command in
devilish chuckles.

and when that fails to
keep your mind occupied,
you exchange
what you carry of jaundice
for poorly fermented

And if you are fortunate,
you muster the energy
to begin negotiating with your silhouette

Bartering what little remains of sanity
in an exchange,
for lunacy

So that you too can afford
to implode in all the colors of this

world of

Image Credit: Into the Day Vein by Ash White

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